Saturday in Haworth, Yorkshire

Despite having been born in Yorkshire and having lived here for 21 of my 27 years, I still love exploring the county. Although there are still lots of places that I haven’t been to yet, I like re-visiting some old favourites; hence, this week’s trip to Haworth, West Yorkshire. If you are interested in Victorian literature, then chances are that you’d heard of this place: it is the town in which the Brontë sisters lived and wrote their novels. The last time I visited this place (according to my mum), it was in 1992 and I cried because I was scared of the steam trains! This time there were no tears in sight, it was a lovely day trip.


First we stopped off for lunch at the Haworth Old Hall (it was quite busy so book in advance). It is a beautiful seventeenth-century building and the period features make this place cozy and special. The menu was good pub food: I had the burger and chunky chips, my boyfriend had beetroot and squash wellington, and we shared some halloumi fries. I washed this all down with a pint of cider whilst we chatted about our favourite Victorian books (and least favourite, I’m looking at you The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman!).

Old Haworth hall Lisabeth Westwood


Then it was off to the Brontë Parsonage museum! The entrance fee was £8.50 but this gives you unlimited access for a year! I didn’t take any pictures in the parsonage itself, but it was such a pretty buiding. It was so interesting to see where the sisters wrote, look at their letters and childhood drawings. I learnt so much, they led such interesting, but sadly short, lives.



We had a little look around Haworth, the gardens, churches, and even saw some very fancy chickens strutting around. It would have been nice to stay for a cuppa and a scone in one of the cafés or look round the heritage railway station, but it was getting late. Haworth is such a pretty town and set in some beautiful countryside less than an hour’s drive from Leeds. A perfect spot for the Brontë enthusiast (you can definitely the inspiration for Heathcliff’s moody wanderings on the moors), but interesting for anyone wanting a day trip to somewhere with some fascinating history. Highly recommend!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for fun day trips out!






A Weekend on the Yorkshire Coast

Dracula, goths, Captain Cook, fish and chips. Four things that you might associate with Whitby, the seaside town. This travel post is all about the Yorkshire Coast and the Moors and will give you the low down on things to do and places to see.

When? Where? Why?

In April, me and the boyfriend, B, decided to take a little trip to North Yorkshire. As I’m a PhD student I can’t afford to go on lots of holidays abroad so we have been having lots of mini breaks around the UK instead.

Struggling with my borrowed coat.

Day 1: Saturday

B had never been to the North York Moors and I knew that he’d love it there. The landscape is dramatic (it kinda feels like the apocalypse has happened it is so quiet and empty) and you are often the only person on the road with a 360 degree view of the moors.

The Morning

We drove from Leeds to Robin Hood’s Bay which is a small seaside town south of Whitby.

The little streets were steep and you could walk down to the pebbly beach to eat an icecream. We went into the little museum and learnt all about the history of smuggling. There isn’t a great deal to do there but it is perfect if you want nice walks and a sea breeze.

The Afternoon

Then we headed back inland towards where we were staying that night. We popped through Goathland (famous for being where Heartbeat was filmed) before going to Castleton – the village where our AirBnB was. The little cottage was perfect (and only £50 a night) and apparently is the oldest in the village. It was teeny tiny and had such a comfortable bed. Definitely recommend it to anyone.

The Evening

That evening we went to the Eskdale Inn pub for dinner. It was full of locals and was a lovely atmosphere. The food was so good too: one of the best burgers I have ever had. It had bacon jam and brie on it – YUM. There were no street light so toddling back to the cottage after a couple of drinks was fun!

Day 2: Sunday

The Morning

We cooked ourselves some sausages and scrambled egg in the little kitchen before setting off for our day’s adventures.


Cars aren’t allowed in the town centre so it was so quiet and calm. There were lots of little craft shops and cafes. It was a beautiful day and you could see so far out into the North Sea. We stopped to share a cider toffee ice cream before heading to Whitby.

staithes 2

The Afternoon

Both of us had been to Whitby town centre before so we spent most of our time up by the Abbey and St Mary’s Church. There were such amazing views!

The Abbey was Benedictine and built after the Norman Conquest but is now impressive ruins. Most of the outer walls remain but the roof and insides are gone. It is stunningly beautiful.

After the obligatory fish and chips we headed back home. It was a lovely weekend! There is so much more to explore in North Yorkshire too: I can’t wait to go back.

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My Weekend on a Budget

Being a PhD student has many advantages but it doesn’t allow for an overly extravagant lifestyle. So, I have had to get creative with my weekend plans to get the most of out my time without it costing the earth!

Thursday – Making Pizza

This past weekend my boyfriend (let’s call him B) was visiting and I wanted to plan something fun. He was driving up from the South and wouldn’t get here until quite late so I wanted to make something delicious, easy, and cheap for our dinner. I settled for pizza as it is quite hard to mess it up. Well I say that but, the last time I made it, I tried to move the fully loaded pizza to the oven without a tray and it all fell onto the floor, and looked like a sad, tomato-y mess. I digress. So, I used this Delia Smith recipe for the base:

6 oz (175 g) plain white soft flour
1 level teaspoon salt
1 level teaspoon easy-blend dried yeast
½ level teaspoon golden caster sugar
1 tablespoon olive oil

Then I topped it with chorizo and mozzarella. It tasted great but looked rather rustic and by rustic I mean misshapen!

Friday – Attempting Crafts

As I said earlier, I have to stick to quite a strict budget but this means I always have my eyes pealed for any fun-looking, free events. I saw an advert for an event where you could explore exhibitions at night and there were various crafty things to do plus two free drinks each! We went along and had such a fun time: I used colouring pencils for the first time in 20 years and I must admit that my drawing skills have not improved much since then. Then we went to a finger knitting stand and I made myself a little coaster! It is a bit lumpy but I was very proud. It was actually quite therapeutic: I might start doing it whilst watching Netflix in the evenings.

My finger knitted coaster!

Saturday – Free Museum 

I’m lucky to live in Yorkshire as it is such a beautiful county and there is a surprising amount to do, if you don’t mind stepping outside your comfort zone.  The Royal Armouries is based in Leeds and it is meant to be a really interesting museum. It is a bit of a trek from my house but we had such a good time! Even if swords and crossbows aren’t your thing but you should go for the elephant armour! Oh, and Henry VIII’s over-sized codpiece.