A Weekend on the Yorkshire Coast

Dracula, goths, Captain Cook, fish and chips. Four things that you might associate with Whitby, the seaside town. This travel post is all about the Yorkshire Coast and the Moors and will give you the low down on things to do and places to see.

When? Where? Why?

In April, me and the boyfriend, B, decided to take a little trip to North Yorkshire. As I’m a PhD student I can’t afford to go on lots of holidays abroad so we have been having lots of mini breaks around the UK instead.

Struggling with my borrowed coat.

Day 1: Saturday

B had never been to the North York Moors and I knew that he’d love it there. The landscape is dramatic (it kinda feels like the apocalypse has happened it is so quiet and empty) and you are often the only person on the road with a 360 degree view of the moors.

The Morning

We drove from Leeds to Robin Hood’s Bay which is a small seaside town south of Whitby.

The little streets were steep and you could walk down to the pebbly beach to eat an icecream. We went into the little museum and learnt all about the history of smuggling. There isn’t a great deal to do there but it is perfect if you want nice walks and a sea breeze.

The Afternoon

Then we headed back inland towards where we were staying that night. We popped through Goathland (famous for being where Heartbeat was filmed) before going to Castleton – the village where our AirBnB was. The little cottage was perfect (and only £50 a night) and apparently is the oldest in the village. It was teeny tiny and had such a comfortable bed. Definitely recommend it to anyone.

The Evening

That evening we went to the Eskdale Inn pub for dinner. It was full of locals and was a lovely atmosphere. The food was so good too: one of the best burgers I have ever had. It had bacon jam and brie on it – YUM. There were no street light so toddling back to the cottage after a couple of drinks was fun!

Day 2: Sunday

The Morning

We cooked ourselves some sausages and scrambled egg in the little kitchen before setting off for our day’s adventures.


Cars aren’t allowed in the town centre so it was so quiet and calm. There were lots of little craft shops and cafes. It was a beautiful day and you could see so far out into the North Sea. We stopped to share a cider toffee ice cream before heading to Whitby.

staithes 2

The Afternoon

Both of us had been to Whitby town centre before so we spent most of our time up by the Abbey and St Mary’s Church. There were such amazing views!

The Abbey was Benedictine and built after the Norman Conquest but is now impressive ruins. Most of the outer walls remain but the roof and insides are gone. It is stunningly beautiful.

After the obligatory fish and chips we headed back home. It was a lovely weekend! There is so much more to explore in North Yorkshire too: I can’t wait to go back.

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Amsterdam 2016

Where? When? Why?

As the title suggests, I went to Amsterdam in the Netherlands and we stayed in Zeeburg in the East of the city. We went last weekend! I flew in on Friday and we had two full days and then headed back on Monday afternoon. The trip was because it was my friend’s 26th birthday so three of us headed there for a weekend of fun!

Friday 20th

I had a great flight to Amsterdam from Leeds and spent the whole flight reading Breakfast at Tiffanys and planning my blog postss for the next month.

Once we got to Amsterdam we failed at public transport and managed to go in the complete wrong direction. But, when we finally found our houseboat (yes you read that right, we stayed on a houseboat!) we chilled out with some beers and had a long catch up.

Saturday 21st

Lisabeth Westwood Amsterdam

After an amazing breakfast we headed into the city centre and took a walk around the Red Light district. We spent most of the day in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam which used to be the working class area but has become gentrified in recent years. it is so pretty with lots of houseboats on the canal, little cafés, and cute shops.

Before taking a canal cruise, we checked out the Westerkerk and the Homomonument. It took us ages to find the monument as it had lots of people sat on it but it was built to commemorate anyone who has suffered persecution because of their sexuality. It was a really nice part of the city.

In the evening we went to some great bars in Rembrantplein: Vive la Vie and Queers. We stayed at Queers until 2 in the morning drinking beer and dancing away to 70s and 80s classics and lots of Dutch Eurovision entries from years gone by. It had such a great atmosphere and the bar staff were so much fun.

Sunday 22nd

I may have felt less than fresh on Sunday morning but after a lazy start we headed back to the centre of the city.

We started out day at the Sex Museum. It was a huge museum and you definitely got your 4 euros worth! Didn’t take many photos as they were NSFW but it was lots of fun. Loads of old school animatronics with some interesting elements (I don’t want to ruin the surprise!). Probably don’t go there with your grandmother.

We had a coffee break at De Koffie Salon. I had the most amazing cake with a generous helping of whipped cream: possibly ingested more whipped cream on this holiday than ever before.

Monday 23rd

Monday was our last day here so we decided to spend a huge chunk of it eating pancakes.

pancake 1

We found this amazing place called the Happy Pig and boy was I!

We went there twice: once on Saturday and again on Monday. On the Saturday we were given some chalk and a huge blackboard to draw on whilst we waited for our order. We decided to draw pictures of each other and I somehow managed to end up looking like John Lennon with blue hair. We were rather impressed that when we went back on the Monday the pictures were still there and that no one had sabotaged them!

After gorging ourselves on more whipped cream we had to head back to the airport. We had such a great trip but it would have been good if we’d made it to a couple more museums and seen a windmill up close. Also, we didn’t eat out much to save money and it would have been great to try lots of Dutch food. Next time!