My Lazy Saturday Photo Diary

I have been a busy bee over the past few weeks! The academic year is well under way and I’m teaching (!) so I’ve been a bit lax on the blogging front. So rather than not posting, I thought I’d do a bit of a photo diary of my Saturday.

9amLisabeth Westwood coffee

My day began, as all my Saturdays do, with a cup of black filter coffee in bed. I like to chill out with a coffee and a book to ease my way into the day.

10amLisabeth Westwood coffee tshirt

I then got up, ready, and dressed. I love this t-shirt, my friend David bought it for me years ago but it does mean that lots of people stare at your chest trying to read it!


I went for pretty minimal make up. Look at the state of the blusher – I think I’ll have to invest in some new stuff soon!


I had decided that I wanted to have a cooking marathon so I settled down with my cookbooks to find some recipes to try. This beef dish looked so great and pretty easy but I ended up being boring and making spaghetti and meatballs instead!


Having seen the state of my make up earlier I decided to treat myself. I headed to Superdrug picking up the MicroEyeliner and a lipstick in 05 from Rimmel – it is a lovely dark pink shade with a hint of shimmer. And I got a translucent powder for £1. Being a PhD student I don’t often get to buy make-up so I got over excited and swatched pretty much every lipstick they had on my hand.


The recipe I had chosen for lunch came from the Meatless Mondays cookbook which has LOADS of recipe ideas. They tend to be more indulgent side than the Madeline Shaw but I found a recipe for Tuscan bean soup. Doesn’t look very good but it tasted delicious!


Lisabeth Westwood

Then it was Bake Off time. I love it when they do the historical episodes so I chilled out with some cookies and a cuppa. That show is proper comfort watching, it just makes me happy.


Lisabeth Westwood

I got given loads of books when one of my friends left Leeds and they are all easy-going, romance-y type novels. So I picked one of those up and huddled down on my sofa for a good couple of hours reading.


Lisabeth Westwood work

But then…I had to work 😦


After I did a couple of hours work , I called the boyfriend and watched 10 Things I Hate About You. The soundtrack to that film is pure 90s perfection and I have a bit of an obsession with Julia Stiles’ films like Save the Last Dance.

My day was not exciting but that is honestly what I do on a weekend by myself. I usually save up all the fun stuff for when my boyfriend is visiting but I do enjoy staying at home reading and making lots of food.



One thought on “My Lazy Saturday Photo Diary

  1. Hey lisabeth, what a nice little Saturday you had there! I love laid back days like that — and I know exactly how it is to have to study a little each day lol I have to do that myself as a returning student :))


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