I’m an Auntie!

In the early hours of Sunday morning, I became an auntie for the first time.

I have an older sister and for years neither of us were keen to start a family. But, all that changed this January when she announced that she was expecting! She had a little baby girl who came right on time and is the smallest, sweetest thing in the whole world. Am I a tad biased? Absolutely.

My sister and her boyfriend live in Brighton which is a long, LONG way from Leeds but I wasn’t going to miss the chance to meet the little one. So, I coughed up a hideous amount of money for a day return and spent 9 hours of yesterday on a train but it was totally worth it for my first cuddle.

I’d never held a new-born before and she is so tiny that I was afraid of hurting her. But I got used to it and we had lots of cuddles without her making any fuss. I can’t wait to visit in a few weeks with my boyfriend who is similarly unfamiliar with children and I can pretend to be all knowledgable.

When I was a child, I didn’t have much to do with my aunts and uncles. They either weren’t around very much or had their own grandchildren to look after. I don’t want that to be this case with my little niece: I’ll be the one dragging her round castles and trying to teach her French and Latin.

I wish I could show you all photos but her parents want to keep her off the internet so you’ll have to take my word that she is insanely cute. Can’t really believe it, I have a niece!!!!


2 thoughts on “I’m an Auntie!

  1. Congratulations! I too have just become an Aunty but for the second time, Ava was born on the 23rd of September and she’s beautiful, just as I’m sure yours is too!
    Lovely post!
    Charlotte xx

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