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Who doesn’t love a good podcast?

I spend a lot of time walking to and from university so I get through a lot of podcasts and radio shows. So I have done the listening for you and here are my top two recommendations for podcasts that you must subscribe to!

These podcasts have been around for a while but this means that they have a good back-catalogue of podcasts for you to listen to.

My Dad Wrote a Porno

my dad wrote a porno podcast
Photo from the Evening Standard: http:/

Oh my god, this podcast is brilliant and hilarious. Jamie’s dad has written an erotic novel and he reads it out to his friends James Cooper and Alice Levine (a Radio 1 DJ). They read through the chapters and comment on the ridiculousness of the novel. It is the story of Belinda Blumenthal, a sales director who sleeps her way around the business world. It is NOT sexy. It is so so funny. The book doesn’t have a great grasp of the female anatomy and that often has hilarious consequences.

They are now on season 2 of the podcast. It comes out every Monday and they sometimes have an additional episode on a Thursday where they get guests in or chat about different aspects of the book.

Do NOT listen to this in public as you will burst out laughing and it will be embarrassing.

The Guilty Feminist

the guilty feminist podcast
Photo from

I am a feminist and I really enjoy The Guilty Feminist because it doesn’t pretend that we are all perfect feminists. The hosts Sofie Hagen and Deborah Francis-White share their feminist principles and the things they do that maybe aren’t so feminist after all. Whilst the podcast is always on topic both hosts are stand up comedians so it is funny too!

Episodes usually last around an hour and every week they have a special guest who talks about a particular theme. Past guests include Sarah Millican, Sally Phillips and other well-known actors/comedians as well as more obscure but still fascinating guests.

I don’t always agree with everything that is discussed but that is why I love the podcast. It allows different views and thoughts on feminism to be shared and discussed. Something I think there needs to be more of!

Subscribe and take a listen then let me know what you think!

What are you favourite podcasts?




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