Things you don’t know about me

Well I have shared a bit about my life: I’m a PhD student, I’m from Wakefield, and I like reading and baking. But I thought I might tell you some of the things you DON’T know about me.

1. I love apple MullerRice. I used to always ask my mum to buy them as a treat when I was little.

2. I have lived in France, Austria, and Italy. Austria wins and Italy loses.

3. I have watch the Sound of Music and Grease more times than I dare admit. Who doesn’t love a musical? Well, most people I know.

4. My first CD purchase was Where Do you Go by No Mercy. God, their slick-backed hair.

5. My favourite YouTuber is Fleur de Force. I just find her to be completely normal, despite the differences in our lives.

6. My favourite place in the world is Austria. The food, the landscape, and the people are so incredibly polite.

7. I have an older sister who is about to have her first baby – so exciting! I’ve never really held a baby so this will be interesting.

8. My most favourite item of clothing is a pair of laced black heeled leather boots from Office. £80 well spent. I love them more than biscuits and kittens.

9. I met my boyfriend on OkCupid: well worth the perils of online dating. We are both too nerdy to really be successful at internet dating.

10. I lived in Oxford for three years; I miss the evenings of drinking far too much port and cramming cheese into my mouth.

11. My first car was a dark purple Nissan Micra. I called it the Aubergine.

12. I have had my tragus pierced three times. NEVER get scar tissue pierced – argh.

13. I used to have a giant poster of Johnny Depp (from his Pirates of the Caribbean phase) and the Breakfast Club on my wall until I was probably far too old.

14. The first gig I went to was the Kaiser Chiefs supported by The Cribs and Hard Fi. I had never listened to any of their music so I just bobbed about and bought a t-shirt.

15. Without fail, I salute lone magpies.


3 thoughts on “Things you don’t know about me

  1. I really enjoy these types of posts where you can get to know the blogger and see their interests.
    Lucky you getting to live all over the world!
    Charlotte xx

    Liked by 1 person

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