A Day on Lake Como

Where? When? Why?

I recently went to Milan with my boyfriend and we took a day trip to Varenna on Lake Como. We wanted to get out of the city and hang out on the lake.


We got the half 10 train from Centrale station: you have to buy a ticket for a specific time so we just bought a single in the morning so we wouldn’t be restricted. They cost 6.70 euro each way so pretty cheap! Top tip: sit on the right hand side for the best view. Annoying it started raining just as we were pulling up to Varenna. I was NOT appropriately dressed for rain in just a sundress and sandles. We ended up running through the town in the pouring rain trying to find somewhere to hide. After hiding under a porch for a while we made our way to the centre to look at the church and the main square.

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As it was still raining we decided to have a long lunch at a café with a beautiful lakeview. We decided on Nilus which was cheap and cheerful. I had lots of pasta, dessert, and more glasses of the house red than I should at lunch!

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When the sun came out, Varenna was absolutely beautiful. We went for a walk around lakeside and it was stunning. The colours of the houses were so pretty and there were so many people sitting on the beaches, swimming in the lake, and paddling.

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We went to visit the Villa Monastero. It is one of the two villas in Varenna that you can visit but this one looked bigger and better.  We got the house and garden tickets (8 euros each). The garden was so green and beautiful but I would probably give the house a miss if I was going again. The views over the lake were amazing and it was so quiet in the gardens that we could really relax and take lots of pictures.

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After we left the Villa we decided to head back to Milan. You can buy the tickets from the little tourist information centre that is attached to the station but it closes at 4pm and then you can buy the tickets on the train.

All in all, was such a good day! The lake was so lovely and there were lots of pretty little restaurants and shops. Apparently Varenna gets super busy with weddings in the summer but in June it was perfect.

Check out what I did on the rest of the trip! Oh, and my posts on the Yorkshire Coast and Amsterdam.





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