A Day in the Life of Lisabeth

The blog is taking a personal turn! I thought over the next few months I’d share a bit more about my life as a PhD student, in Leeds and today, I’m starting with the life of Lisabeth on a Sunday! You’ll see everything I get up to  and I hope you like it.

The Morning

I always have an alarm set so today I got up at 8.30 and scrolled through Twitter before getting up and ready for the day. My morning skincare routine is pretty minimal (and all Superdrug at the moment – they are Cruelty Free and cheap!) but it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh.

Lisabeth Westwood Skincare

I had a HUGE dinner last night so I wasn’t that hungry so I made myself a coffee and a smoothie. I have a Magic Bullet which is like the NutriBullet’s little sister (I got mine from Debenhams and I’ll do a review post on it soon) and I had a banana and berry smoothie whilst my coffee was brewing. Then I sipped on my coffee whilst catching up on some YouTube (loving Fleur de Force!).

The rest of the morning involved backing up photos (the thought of losing my holiday snaps is too hard to bear),  cleaning the house, blog post planning, and putting on some make up. I’m only nipping to the shops today so I went for something pretty minimal.

Lisabeth Westwood makeup
Look how battered my Hoola is…you can tell it is well loved.

The Afternoon

After coming back from the supermarket I made some lunch. Most people would have photographed it but I didn’t because it looked really weird. I followed a recipe for a healthy tomato soup and it ended up have a very odd foam on the top. Tasted okay but looked SO SO gross.

I then started packing for my holiday! I’m going to Milan on Wednesday for 4 days with my boyfriend and I’m so looking forward to it. I love doing travel posts (Amsterdam, Yorkshire Coast) so I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures to share on here. We don’t have much planned but B has bought a guidebook so we’ll go through that on the flight!

As I have a big exam tomorrow (eek!) I did some preparation for that and then started running my bath. Baths are a weekend treat for me and I want to be all pampered for my holiday so I’m went the whole hog with hair and face masks, exfoliating – the lot!

Lisabeth Westwood skincare

The Evening

The evening – like the rest of the day – was pretty chilled. I made a bean stew and had it with a baked sweet potato and caught up on Versailles. Versailles is a TV show set at the court of Louis XIV and it is completely ridiculous but I am hooked. I love the men’s long flowing locks, the silly sex scenes, and that no one even attempts a French accent.

I then painted my nails with a Body Shop varnish I got in their Advent Calendar last year and relaxed with a book in bed. I’m currently reading Human Traces by Sebastian Faulks which is so good! Faulks wrote Birdsong and if you haven’t read that then you definitely should: it is a modern classic all about WWI.

Lisabeth Westwood nails
Big foot!!

And that was my Sunday! It was low key because I am trying to limit my spending before my trip to Milan but I love having a day to be by myself and to do the things that make me happy.


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