My Favourite Food Blogs

I think we can all agree that food is awesome.

I love cooking (particularly baking), eating out, and I’d snack all day if I could. However, my love of cheese and my very sweet tooth means that my cravings tend to be less on the healthy side. So, I started looking at food blogs for inspiration for new meals and ways to make the things I love a little bit better for me.

Oh She Glows

from oh she glows
Photo from Oh She Glows

This has got to be my favourite. The recipes tend to be vegan which is great for me as my sister is vegan and I like to make new things for her when she visits. Her recipe for vegan chilli is delicious and is a firm favourite of mine although I haven’t tried the cashew sour cream. Her recipes are easy to follow and don’t have too many ingredients (I’m skint so the fewer the better!). There is an app too!

Minimalist Baker

from minimalist baker.jpg
Photo from Minimalist Baker

As with Oh She Glows, the Minimalist Baker writes recipes that require 10 ingredients or less or take less than half an hour to make. That is a win/win combination for me as, although I love cooking, I don’t want to spend all evening in the kitchen. However, because the recipes tend to be for vegan baking they can often include items that aren’t very easy for me to find in my (tiny) local supermarket or they can be out of my price range (the PhD budget is pretty tight) but they are great for inspiration.

A Couple Cooks

From a couple cooks.jpg
Photo from A Couple Cooks

This blog is run by a husband and wife team and provides the biggest range of recipes of the three blogs I’m discussing. The recipes are mostly plant based and cover lots of different cuisines. The photography is beautiful and the website is easy to navigate. They also include snippets of personal life with stories and background to recipes and I really like learning about their lives as well as the food they make.

A Beautiful Mess

Photo from Oh She Glows

ABM is a lifestyle blog so recipes don’t come around as often as with dedicated food blogs but when they do they are great! They do quite a lot of drink (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) recipes and lots of food that would be suitable for parties or entertaining. I also like the seasonal recipes they bring out around Christmas and Easter. ABM is one of my fave lifestyle blogs so I’d definitely recommend that you check them out.

 Who are your favourite food bloggers?


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