My Top Perfumes

Scent and smells evoke memories.

Whenever I smell Opium by YSL I think of my mother and if someone walks past wearing Georgio Beverly Hills I remember cuddles with my grandmother. But unlike my Mum and Gran, I don’t have a “signature” scent. I wear lots of different perfumes depending on the occasion, season, and sometimes even the colour of my outfit but these are my top four:

Chanel: Coco Mademosielle

My boyfriend got me this for Christmas after we’d taken a trip and I’d covered myself in it at the airport. It was such a generous gift and I keep it for special occasions. I love the look of the bottle – it is so elegant – and I’ve kept the box to keep it out of sunlight. It is a very traditionally feminine fragrance as it is both floral and sweet but there is some citrus in there too so it isn’t overpowering.

Calvin Klein: CK One Red

Lisabeth Westwood perfume top

This is my everyday scent.

I’ve always worn CK One fragrances and Red is a slightly calmer version of the very sweet CK One Shock. The smell does not last too long but it is quite a reasonable price so I spritz away. It is sweet (but not cloying) with a hint of floral.

The bottle is so iconic but I wish it had the same translucent glass of the original CK One.


Yves Saint Laurent: La Rive Gauche

Unlike the CK One Red, this perfume sticks around! One spray will last all day but I find it is more evening appropriate. It has a strong musk scent with a rose undertone and therefore might not be to everyone’s taste but I like it for dinners out. I love the bottle and as it is plastic you can travel with it without worrying it’ll break in transit.

Lush: Sun

I got this little bottle as one of my 25th birthday presents from my sister. It is very fresh scent and one of my favourites from the Lush range. It is definitely a summery perfume (hint’s in the name!) as it is heavy on the citrus: think blood orange. You can also get it in a solid perfume which can be handy for travel or just keeping in your bag.

Perfume featured image

What are your favourite fragrances?

The links are for information only. I do not endorse a particular shop for buying products.

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