My Favourites: May 2016

I cannot believe that May is nearly done! I thought that I would share what I have been loving this month; two of which are old favourites.IMG_4175

  1. Lotus Biscoff Biscuit Spread

Oh dear, this stuff! You know when you go on holiday to France and order a coffee at a café then it comes with that little biscuit in transparent packaging? Well this biscuit spread is made up of those nutmeg-y, cinammon-y, and ginger-y biscuits all crushed up. It might sound gross but it is truly delicious. I have been loving this on toast or a little spoonfull mixed into my morning porridge. You can get this at most supermarkets for a couple of quid and it is totally worth it (it is vegan too!)

2.    Primark Sandals

These shoes were my first summer purchase and they were such a good deal at £6.50. They are utterly summery and I love the beading. The strap is leather too which is quite surprising considering the price. They are pretty comfy because of the ankle strap and, as they have lots of different coloured beads, they go with so many different outfits.

3.    CK One Summer

This perfume is the ultimate summer scent. I have had this bottle for years and it always comes out every summer. It is a very citrusy scent and so fresh – in that sense it is quite similar to the original CK One. The  bottle really cheers up my perfume collection too, I love the colour fade!

4.   Benefit Lip Tint

I’m sure that most people have tried this Lip Tint but it is such an old favourite. As you can tell from the photo, the bottle is almost empty and that shows how much I love this product. You can use it as a cheek stain but that doesn’t really work for me. But it is the perfect raspberry red colour and it layers well on the lips for a long lasting finish. It is £24.50 but a bottle lasts for ages.

5.   Marie Brennan Voyage of the Basilisk

I love reading and this book is the third of the Lady Trent series. My boyfriend has very sweetly been buying me the next book as soon as I finish one. It is a fantasy book about dragons and it is much better than it sounds! It is written as the memoir of a feminist scholar that wants to learn everything about dragons. Total escapism stuff.