New Blog!

Why am I starting this blog? It is a rather difficult question as there wasn’t one single reason for it.

Since I moved back to Yorkshire in October 2015 I have been watching a lot of Youtube videos by beauty and style bloggers. If you knew me then you’d think that that was quite out of character as, although I like make up and clothes, I’m quite low maintenance and have a very particular (read: same-y) style. Yet, I enjoy the ever changing content and having an insight into the lives of different people. My boyfriend finds my new hobby a bit silly but suggested that, as eating is one of my favourite things, that maybe I should start reviewing restaurants.

So, that is what got me thinking about starting a blog of my own. The other reason is that I’m currently in the first year of my PhD and that involves a huge amount of writing. Although my writing style is improving I thought a blog would be a good way to practice with content that is very different from my day-to-day work.

The life of a PhD student I think is rather unique: it seemed like a blog could be an interesting way to explore and present this life without having to talk about the research project.

There we go. First blog post done. Let’s see where this takes me!


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